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wendy@acmeaom.com posted this 27 October 2015

Welcome to the technical support forum. Feel free to ask questions here regarding the website.

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n44nc@comcast.net posted this 23 November 2015

The pilot logbook seems to be missing from the new site. Is it somewhere or can you send me a copy of what I had stored on the previous site? Also, can you start sending me receipts for the monthly charge once again. Thanks.

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aviation.insider@gmail.com posted this 24 November 2015

How do I upload a text file with tail numbers?

I use Chrome and get a blank box when I click on advanced search. Can this be fixed?

Could we have the option to go back to the old format? I have lost the ability to track several aircraft and may need to cancel my subscription - will wait and see the response.

I have text message alerts from the old system and now need to change them but the new layout does not recognize me and cannot see the alerts set up under my account. I need to cancel those alerts but the new beta is showing I have no alerts - still getting alerts while writing this on the forum. Please help!!


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margot.williams@gmail.com posted this 23 December 2015

Hi, i am not seeing all the aircraft I have saved to a Fleet Watch in Flight History. I am only seeing three of the six aircraft in my list. Can i check the old version of site? thanks, Margot

galaxy9@comcast.net posted this 24 December 2015

I cannot delete any Alerts previously set up, the delete option isn't working -

2/9/16 - Just thought I'd say thanks as this has been working for som time now.

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joe.jones@adams-engineering.com posted this 02 January 2016

Have you just given up on trying to fix all the issues with the update?

bbedell@maverickconsulting.biz posted this 04 January 2016

You have taken a relatively useful web site and pretty much ruined it.

chads@nifc.com posted this 06 January 2016

Can't find a way to update or delete flight alerts... Anyone having the same issue? Created a new flight alert but cannot find it...

wendy@acmeaom.com posted this 07 January 2016

Have you just given up on trying to fix all the issues with the update?

No, not all - we are all working as quickly as we can to get the bugs worked out!!!

N525JL@AOL.COM posted this 11 January 2016

Is there a way to go back to the original website? I cannot access my Pilot's Logbook on the new site. The onscreen message says "server error".

aviation.insider@gmail.com posted this 12 January 2016

How do we go back to the old site? PLEASE - So much is missing.

evildoer@lazygranch.com posted this 25 January 2016

I'm probably going to quit the service unless the old format is restored. The new version is awful. What happened to the google earth link?

galaxy9@comcast.net posted this 09 February 2016

Hi Guys

I have stopped getting email alerts - the last one was on FEB 1st 2016,

Can I get them back please....

2016-03-10 Any update on this issue - it's been 5 weeks?

2016-07-17 Any update on this issue - it's been 4 months?

2016 12 09 Any update on this issue - it's been 11 months?

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stage_gene_m@cat.com posted this 17 February 2016

Cant see billing history, need it for expense book.

joe.jones@adams-engineering.com posted this 22 March 2016

Same here. No chance to change the billing information. If you pay by debit card on a monthly basis, you will have to cancel your debit card. If you pay by credit card, you will need to contact the bank, etc. and file a fraud report to stop the recurring charge.
Flightwise business reputation is ruined.

tomtafel@aol.com posted this 28 March 2016

I need my logbook that I have been storing on your server for the last 15 years. Help

steve.danner@wisconsinaviation.com posted this 13 June 2016

Where can I find Billing Details (or an Invoice Copy) for my Accounting Department?

jeromeg52@gmail.com posted this 14 June 2016

Flight tracking should be by airline, flight number and date. Nothing seems to work however. Can't even find airports! Is this site even functioning anymore?

fireflytoys@yahoo.com posted this 27 August 2016

hello, I'm looking for any help from a pilot. I am flying into Atlanta airport and I'm going to have a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" painted on the roof of a building that's in the general incoming flight path direction at around the 2500'-4500' altitude range. I just need the general flight path at that altitude then ill do my research on getting the right roof top . any advice,thank you.

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